Motion Graphics

Adobe After Effects is the industry standard graphics production program.

Motion Graphics are a great way to synthesize information and convey it to your audience in an eye catching way as a part of a larger video project or as a fully graphical animated video. Motion graphics use stylish colors and design elements that tie in with your organization’s branding to show how products work, convey complex information and get customers’ attention. Motion graphics are also extremely useful to promote a future event or make use of low resolution media elements that will look pixelated and low budget if shown full screen at HD or 4K resolutions.  Popular uses are explainer videos, product demonstrations, social media videos, promotional videos and kinetic typography, just to name a few.  Get in touch today to talk over your ideas and the best way to produce them.

Wipe OS Product Explainer Video

The concept of Wipe OS is a bit abstract when demonstrating on a computer network in real life.  By using graphical elements the abstract idea is easily illustrated even to people who may not be familiar with the technology.